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Families are under pressure and individuals often don’t know what to do differently when they find themselves stressed and overwhelmed, trying to keep it all together. Frustration and irritability lead to feelings of stress and discontent and, if left unchecked, dysfunction. If you, or the parents and caregivers that you work with, are too busy, feel like you need to “do it all” for everyone and like you’re missing out on the fun that goes hand-in-hand with a thriving family, our programmes can help. Connecting more deeply with the people you love is often just a strategy away, however, people can’t practice or model what they don’t know. Practical education is needed.

The Bare Hands project brings clinically proven strategies and learning within easy reach of everyone. Our educational programmes support positive change and give individual resources to experience more calm, resilience and confidence. We also share skills to communicate and resolve conflict better than ever! Strategy packed and engaging, our programmes are known for their do-able, ready to apply knowledge and skills for happier, more harmonious relationships!

Bare Hands programmes are designed to introduce HOW – to help people make the changes they need rather than simply giving them information.

Programmes for Resilience

Resilient parents and care givers are the key to a thriving family. Bare Hands programmes focus on upskilling individuals because well balanced adults raise and lead healthier, more resilient and dynamic families.

Sticky Strategies

Sticky Strategies

  • For everyone!
  • Strategies that stick for a lifetime, stick relationships together and help you in sticky situations.
  • 12 week online course of short videos, plus worksheets.

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Workshops for women

Stress Busting Workshops

  • Tailored to your group’s needs
  • Brings practical, common sense education within reach of  everyone. An antidote to the stress epidemic.
  • In depth online workshops, learning resources and more

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Resilient Families

Resilient Families

  • For organisations who serve families
  • Support families in your care and make a difference in the community.
  • Weekly articles via email to share

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It’s revolutionary!

The Bare Hands Project was born out of the belief that if every individual has access to quality support and education that this will transform their future and the future of families and communities. We believe that providing early intervention, with access to the right resources for building personal resilience, is critical. We believe that we can give you a hand to turn the tide on the stress epidemic and connect with others in relationships that are sustainable.

Bare Hands is raising a revolution of individuals who dare to believe in a better future for themselves and their families, who care enough to be the change they want to see and who are willing to share themselves authentically to make a difference.

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straight-talkingStraight talking, common sense skills for happier, more harmonious families

Know someone who is stressed or struggling to cope with family, work and relationships?
Help is at hand! The Bare Hands project offers a sustainable approach to positive mental health and family relationships via education, complementing the service provided by educators, GPs and allied health professionals. See how our programmes can help educators and carers.


We help Educators support Families and meet Quality Standards
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How I wish the Bare Hands crew had been around when I was a young mother! Their program is a distillation of the latest research, their own experience as mothers and the work they have done with clients. They bring it all together in a fun, friendly and warm way and best of all, in a way that values you for who you are and what you are trying to achieve.
Sue Hutchinson-Phillips, Psychologist, Family, Child & Relationship Therpist, Lecturer/Supervisor of Psychologists
Four months after attending the workshop you can rest assured, I am still using many of the strategies I learned and I must say, life is pretty bloody good at the moment. Gary and I are communicating so much better and he is really trying to open up. YAYYY!!!!
I just wanted to let you know how much i enjoyed last night’s talk, it was very informative and just to feel and know that i was not alone going through all these emotions as a mother and a wife. I had a great time and it was so nice to actually have an open minded conversation afterwards with some of the mothers there in my daughter’s kindy group who i wouldn’t actually be brave enough to have these conversation with them on a daily basis when i drop my daughter to kindy. Thanks again
Calmer, more positive attitude. I feel the strategies offered through the Bare Hands Project are ones that can be utilised to excellent effect by almost anybody.
I’ve gained self awareness and knowledge. Brilliant skills to resolve issues, anything that arises. The workshops were practical, real, soul-supporting and life saving.
I gained understanding of relationships, communication skills and keeping it ‘real’. This (Bare Hands Project) is a partnership between women who want the best out of life for themselves and the people they love. I enjoyed every session.
Trust Bare Hands to help you. It’s a very worthwhile experience and I highly recommend you give it a try. It can be life changing, but at the very least you will come away feeling uplifted and more positive.
I gained a sisterhood – feeling of community, belonging to a group of like-minded women. Empathy, compassion, non-judgemental attitudes. It was a wonderful experience – thank you!