Firstly, I’d like to say, “Thank you”, for all your well wishes from my last blog. I’m still playing the waiting game due to a combination of events but in the meantime, I’m putting plans in place to regain optimum health and feeling quietly optimistic.

The difference a word can make… Trying vs Allowing

My acupuncturist and I were discussing the contrast between trying and allowing this week and how one leads to struggle, pushing the boundaries beyond healthy limits and making things harder than they need to be, whereas the other invites change compassionately, accepts what can’t be changed and puts the mind, body and emotions at ease.

When we try (and I’ve been guilty of trying hard to do things ‘perfectly’ and wanting to meet high expectations) to do something, there’s a feeling that goes with the activity. As soon as I say, “try”, I start to feel tired and expect that it’s going to take real effort. The word try also has a connotation that goes with it – it’s as though we’re doing it for someone else’s benefit as if it’s not really what we want to do but instead, it’s something we should do. Trying can cause us to dig deep when we would be better off not doing something or doing less.

Allowing, on the other hand, is different. Roll the word around in your mind for a moment. When I say it, I’m instantly more relaxed, at ease and feeling more energised. In the past I’ve really tried to drive things, push things to a deadline or completion, instead of allowing them to develop and grow at a natural pace, without force or struggle. It’s taken me a long while to learn patience.

Having just started a vegetable garden this week, I’m watching nature. Gardening is all about allowing. I’m having to sit back and wait patiently for my little seeds to pop out of the ground, the first of which did so this very morning. I can’t coerce them into growing any quicker than nature determines. Force is pointless. It’s teaching me to trust that tending with care and taking the daily steps to nourishment, is enough.

Will you join me in ‘allowing’ a little more this week and stop trying so hard? Let’s take the struggle away!

Warm regards