Hi Roxy

Thank you for facilitating my growth and development. I am loving the course and am living consciously. I love your energy, the way you present with a smile and the manner in which you get the most out of the participants.

Here is something that I said I would share.

My family and I have recently re-located to Australia. We have left behind our beloved family and friends.Two weeks ago it was grandparents day at my four year old daughter’s kindergarten. I was feeling sorry for her (and for myself) that her grandparents are a million miles away and she would have no connection or support on the day.

I opened my email and there was Laurie’s blog post about ‘surrogate grandparents’. It told of how she ‘adopted’ an Australian granny for her children, as their grandparents lived in Canada. This was exactly what I needed to do. I put my pride in my pocket and heart on my sleeve, went across the our elderly neighbours and asked them if they would be prepared to be my daughter’s grandparents for the morning and attend her school function.

They were honoured and delighted. It gave them a sense of pride and opened new channels of communication, as they told me many stories about when their children and grandchildren were young. I am grateful for this opportunity and we are all the richer because of it.


Alison Wakeford