We can tailor make a stress busting and resilience building workshop for your group. Helping individuals manage their wellbeing is vital!

  • Too busy to focus on your own needs?
  • Feeling like you need to “do it all”?
  • Are you frequently frustrated and irritable?
  • Would you like to connect more deeply with those you love?
  • Do you have difficulty communicating effectively?
  • Are you exhausted, wondering how you’ll get through another day?

It’s all around us. Everyone is talking about getting more balance in their lives but HOW do you achieve that?

At Bare Hands, we design stress busting workshops that focus on developing more resilience. There’s something very special about these sessions; they’re skill packed and fun and digital delivery means you can participate from anywhere.

Workshop topics include:

Develop self awareness and new skills for life

  • Discover what is draining your energy and how to restore it!
  • Learn skills and strategies that will help you reduce stress, anxiety, irritability and even depression
  • Learn how to replace frustration with cooperation, at home and work, through more effective communication

Discover your own hidden strengths

  • Discover how you can make changes that will help you live the life you would want for your children
  • Come to terms with the guilt monster and stop it from ruling your life!
  • Assess what is really dragging you down and causing you to tear your hair out
  • Discover if the current focus in your life is balanced according to your values and ideals

Identify communication errors and restore connection

  • Discover your inner-programming and habits of thinking then bust any myths wide open
  • Find out what causes you to experience conflict rather than cooperation and what to do about it
  • Explore what creates true connection and how to escape from feelings of blame and shame
  • Master the art of delegation and asking for help

Become aware of your influence and use it positively

  • Learn to manage your emotions using skills that work
  • Learn what generates stubborn, repeating patterns in your life and how to shift them, NOW
  • Explore thinking habits that lead to dysfunction and unhappiness and expose them, once and for all
  • Discover problem solving and positive conflict resolution skills that you can start using immediately

Encourage cooperation and take care of yourself too

  • Make the most of each day with effective time management strategies
  • Build resilience – increase your capacity to cope with situations and unexpected changes and challenges
  • Discover how to maintain your new found balance

Price on application. To register your interest please email

In the meantime you may like to explore our Sticky Strategies programme – it’s a positive change boot camp!