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The Resilient Families programme is designed for organisations who serve families such as schools, early childhood educators/carers and other like minded organisations. Many families will never ask for the help they need and the Resilient Families programme addresses this by delivering an educational resource that is relevant for every individual and optimises the opportunity for educators to promote good mental and emotional health practices in the community. The Resilient Families programme puts the focus on the family unit and what happens at home which is an area generally outside the direct influence of educators.

Resilient Families teaches families (and their support organisations) clinically based skills and strategies in a language that everyone can understand. The programme is delivered through a series of weekly Topic/Task Sheets sent via email, that organisations then distribute to the families in their respective community.

Let Bare Hands help you collaborate with your community in a meaningful and practical way!

The need for Resilient Families

Parents and caregivers with essential skills in communication, conflict resolution and emotional self regulation have the potential to turn the tide on the mental health issues affecting our society. Bare Hands is partnering with forward thinking organisations all over Australia and internationally to deliver these resources where they’re needed most. Your influence is so important – the future of our families depends on it!

What makes Resilient Families different to other educational programmes?

  • Drip feeds educational, bite sized concepts that are solution focused and prevent information overload – introduces HOW to make changes rather than simply giving information
  • Provides communities with a weekly focus on reducing overwhelm, managing anxiety, low mood and other challenging emotions, developing more effective communication, resolving conflict respectfully and promoting the need for self care which develops a resilience culture
  • Provides care givers, parents and educators with information which helps them model resilient behaviour. This is particularly important for children, who are strongly influenced by the behaviour of the adults they interact with.
  • Engages participants to be more self-aware and take positive action.
  • Promotes healthy habits for optimal mental health and a happier, more harmonious family environment where children are able to thrive


I love these practical, do-able strategies – based on research. The strategies support each family’s wellbeing and, in turn, their capacity to nurture their children. Add ‘Resilient Families’ to your NQS resources today”.  

Stephanie Habner, NQF Educational Consultancy

Testimonials from subscribers

“We have very good feedback from our families regarding the Resilient Families Topic/Task Sheets. When I forget to pass on the weekly article, I am often reminded by an email that they haven’t seen the latest one!”

Susan, Director of Early Years Learning Centre

“The Topic/Task Sheets that we have been receiving have been a wonderful resource for both our educators and families at the centre. I am always getting positive feedback from our families saying that they have found them to be helpful. It has been at times a way that we can approach families and share stories building a respectful rapport amongst staff and parents. I would highly recommend this program for other early childhood education programs to participate in.”

Nicky, Centre Director


Change is coming and you can play a vital role!

The World Health Organisation confirms that depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide and that 1 or 2 mothers out of 10 are affected. The unfortunate truth is that mothers (and fathers) affected by depression are less able to model resilient living and good coping strategies and their children are more likely to experience anxiety and depression, continuing the cycle.

As a professional working with families you are likely aware of the problem. Helping parents and caregivers NOW is the key and you can be part of it.

We invite you to be part of a solution that can break patterns associated with poor coping, ineffective communication, conflict avoidance and family breakdown. Our focus is on providing exceptional, practical education in life strategies, communication skills and resilience. We’ve made it so easy for you to share this information with your community.


You’ll receive a weekly, ready-to-distribute, single page article specifically written for families with children. You can share the articles with your community secure in the knowledge that you’re providing much needed support and resources.

Overcomming Depression


Provide access to long term skills and realistic life strategies

Your Resilient Families Subscription includes weekly articles focusing:

  • strategies to reduce stress
  • techniques for effective communication
  • practical suggestions for better life-work balance
  • skills to manage conflict effectively
  • help to develop a positive outlook
  • skills and strategies to enjoy better relationships

Every article is easy to read, practical and visually appealing



Bare Hands – helping individuals to…

  • cope better with the demands of family, work and relationships
  • set realistic expectations of themselves and others
  • reduce anxiety and adopt a calmer outlook
  • build emotional intelligence and become better communicators
  • modify behaviours and build self-reliance and resilience
  • take responsibility for their own health and well being
  • be part of a supportive social network – a long term safety net

We offer INSTANT ACCESS to 5 FREE Resilient Families sample articles so you can preview the content before you subscribe.

If you’d like to help the families in your community but need to know more before you sign up, the Resilient Families samples are for you. Simply click on the button below to get INSTANT ACCESS to 5 articles FREE.