Roxy Hibbins (nee Lebsanft) from Bare Hands is available for speaking engagements.

Roxy Lebsanft - Bare Hands

Keynote Speaker Roxy Hibbins from Bare Hands

Roxanie Hibbins (nee Lebsanft)

Exceptional Keynote Speaker | Engaging Facilitator & Lecturer |
Co-founder Bare Hands | Strategic Resilience Psychotherapist specialising in Sustainable Relationship Communication

Hi, I’m Roxy.

For most of my life I have wondered why we focus so much on crisis management and fixing things so late in the game when it seems obvious that the most effective way to implement positive change is to catch things early. It’s been my struggle to understand why we don’t look to prevention and early intervention in a bid to minimise the suffering and struggle that so many people are experiencing, particularly now as our communities face a mental health crisis. This seems like common sense to me.

These thoughts, along with a strong desire to minimise the struggle of future generations, have driven a life-long study into essential resilience strategies, communication and conflict skills which are, on the whole, missing from our early education. I truly believe that if every child and future parent had a solid knowledge of how to sustain positive relationships with one another, relationships that build connection, belonging and compassion, we would dramatically improve wellbeing, contentment and cohesiveness in our communities.

We’re facing an era of disconnection and distress. It doesn’t need to be that hard if people would only access essential life skills and knowledge. This belief gets me out of bed every morning and makes me impassioned when I train psychotherapists and conduct talks and workshops. Simple strategies that everyone can learn are all that’s needed to start making a real difference. I just wish with my whole heart that more people would see it and grab it with both hands, earlier rather than later. Knowledge like this, learned early in life, transforms the future and has a massive ripple effect.

I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to speak to many groups. I lecture for the Australian College of Applied Psychology and have conducted workshops and keynote presentations in Queensland. In 2016 I featured as a weekly presenter on life strategies on a local Brisbane radio station.

I’m available as a keynote speaker engagements on the issues around stress management, conflict resolution, grief and loss, work-life balance and personal resilience. These topics also form the basis for Trauma Informed Practice for Educators. In addition, I facilitate workshops on effective communication skills, value based living, how to find meaning and purpose with emotional intelligence and resilience. Contentment and healthy relationships are possible with the right tools.

My commitment when I speak is to be professional, relevant, highly engaging and full of heart. and I promise that the participants will leave with at least a handful of strategies that will serve for a life-time. The focus is always on practical, life-altering skills and strategies that can be implemented by anyone.

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