Writing to you now as a blissful and content Mrs. Hibbins, rather than Ms. Lebsanft, I wanted to share something that has been a little surprising and given cause for reflection. My husband and I have been together now a decade, so we’ve already spent a long time in a relationship and I thought that marriage wouldn’t really change anything greatly, yet it has. On the outside it’s subtle but internally, it’s deeply transformative for both of us. The only thing that has really changed is…

Commitment ~

“Commitment is what transforms promises into reality.”

Abraham Lincoln

So, it’s on this that I’ve been reflecting and the power it has to transform our experiences of situations and relationships. The dictionary defines commitment as an engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action. Often we have this perspective that commitment is scary, or restrictive and yet, I find myself sitting here feeling liberated, joyful and the ‘obligation’ brings me a sense of purpose and meaning and reminds me of what I truly value, because I’ve declared it to the world and the people who matter most to me.

There is power in committing to things, whether it’s a friendship, a role (work, family), a project, learning something new or setting a focus to complete a goal. The very act of declaring your intentions rather than just expressing a future idea of what might be nice, transforms.

Instead of ‘resolutions’, I think there is a real merit in committing to ‘be’ and then because of that declaration, action follows. What are you committed to in your heart of hearts that shapes and transforms who you are? What will you choose to declare this week to loved ones who will hold you accountable?

Warm regards