Hi Roxy and Laurie

I continue to revisit my book and try to remember my strategies, and think I am getting better. Happy to report I have increased my ‘quality’ time and this evening did my first ballet class. This was a huge challenge for me being a former dancer. I am 20 years older than my classmates and 17 years out of practice.

I don’t think that I would have actually followed through if not for your workshops. I would have made excuses but thanks to you ladies I made myself vulnerable to criticism, ridicule and god knows what else. I swallowed my anxiety as there is nothing I can do about all those things that I can’t control, that might not even happen. So in a new leotard, new ‘compression tights’ and my lovely new soft gorgeous ballet shoes I went in and remembered me from a lifetime ago, pushed my body, my mind and had some fun. Gosh it was good to leap through the air and move to the music. My gamble of being vulnerable paid off!!! WOW this is the beginning of understanding what if feels like to have a the life scenario of a Growth opportunity / Learning curve (wrong lingo but you know what I mean)

Thank you for guiding me, inspiring me and most of all for challenging me to be the real me!
I think I have started my path back to where I would like to be.

Ladies you are doing a fab job. Keep up the good work and I hope to see you in the new year…

Annie xx