As a community we can collaborate to foster the future of families. At Bare Hands we believe that education for parents and care givers that shares common-sense strategies for happier, more harmonious families, is where it starts. If you find that you don’t have enough time in your professional setting to share all the strategies that you know would help, then let us give you a hand!

One of our Bare Hands programmes will complement the great job you’re already doing and your clients will thank you.

Education – a sustainable approach to positive mental health and family relationships

Bare Hands programmes have been designed to assist individuals who want the best for themselves and their relationships with family, friends and colleagues. These programmes offer a sustainable approach to positive mental health and family relationships, complementing the service provided by educators, GPs and allied health professionals.

Through a series of engaging articles, videos and worksheets our programmes help participants explore ways to:

  • Identify their own strengths and how these can help them be more resilient
  • Improve their quality of communication and integrate effective conflict resolution skills
  • Define personal boundaries based on their own core values and beliefs
  • Explore problem solving techniques and enjoy feelings of resourcefulness
  • Develop containment strategies for better emotional management
  • Be the positive role model for their children that they always wanted to be

Every Bare Hands programme is based on the latest positive psychology research and is focused on being practical, interactive, skill packed and full of common sense. There’s something for everyone.

As professionals you know the serious issues that many individuals currently face. We can help you deal with the stress epidemic and add value to the service you provide. The Bare Hands content is a culmination of more than 25 years clinical experience and has been tried and tested. We invite you to support the project and the future of families. Be part of it now!

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