Renae: This workshop is for you if you are a woman, any woman, kids, no kids, stay at home, working or not. You will walk away having learnt so much about yourself and never regret it! I learned how to prioritise myself more and how to overcome guilt associated with doing that.

Elizabeth: The strategies and information taught is invaluable to all areas of your life. This workshop helped me achieve amazing clarity to be able to move forward in my life.

Rebecca: Truly changed my life! This is the real deal, no con, genuine article. Absolutely worth 10 x what I paid for it! Loved the practical examples, strategies that really work, having fun and joking plus getting opportunities to share our experiences and ask questions.

Sarah: Bare Hands provides a fantastic platform by which to continue your personal growth in becoming a more understanding, empathetic, knowledgeable person in the world and relationships around you, and becoming a much more understanding, kinder person to yourself.

Helen: Great course that get’s you thinking about yourself and why you do the things you do and how to change it.

Lara: Come with an open mind and enjoy the personal development journey.

Kate: This is a great series of life lessons that will help you sort out why you think the way you do and why you keep going over the same s— (beep) without resolution.

Liz: The workshop has so many pearls of wisdom and has so much information to apply to real life stresses & challenges. I will be implementing the strategies I’ve learnt to many areas of my life.

Emma: Insightful and full of strategies.