“Expect the best and prepare for the worst”…

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Sometimes, despite even the best of care, stuff happens. So it is that my little car of 17 years met a nasty surprise this week. I won’t go into details but I fell prey to a very reckless driver. Fortunately, no lives were lost nor did serious injuries occur. My reason for sharing this story though, is that I noticed a marked difference in my reaction to this experience, versus being involved in a car accident 10 years ago, and [...]

  • You're not selfish

Do you ever feel guilty of being selfish?

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Do you ever feel guilty of being selfish?  “How do you know the difference between being selfish and just good self-care?” This is a question that Michael Yapko PhD, in his recent book, poses as one of the top 12 discernment struggles. Too often people give up on good self-care because they wrongly judge something as being ‘selfish’. I put my hand up for being guilty of this countless times, putting everyone else’s needs before my own and neglecting to [...]

  • Be_helpful_not_enabling

Are you really helping or enabling? Something every helpful person needs to know…

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When you see someone struggling, do you feel impelled to make it better and fix it, to stop the discomfort? This can look like; doing your child’s homework for them, fighting your friend’s battles on their behalf, taking on another person’s workload to stop them from getting in trouble at work, etc. If this sounds like you or someone else you know, it’s important you know this… Helping someone to avoid the consequences of their actions is enabling… Enabling teaches [...]

Keeping your cool takes…

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It can be hard to keep your cool with other people, children, bosses, work colleagues and the like. They may at times seem thoughtless, inconsiderate, rude and even deliberately hostile. Yet, I’m guessing you may have experienced losing your cool in moments and then felt that you didn’t put your best foot forward or represent yourself as effectively as you would have liked. It’s more useful to remain calm in situations and allow your mind to think strategically. Having a [...]

How to make a friend of the voice inside your head…

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By popular request for help on self-talk, here are some strategies. We all know the critical inner voice inside our head. It’s the one who can pick every nitty gritty fault out, even the ones that others don’t see. It will focus on the one thing you could have done better rather than the bucket load of things that you’re doing well in any day. When things get really bad and this voice takes over your thinking it can have [...]

  • Holding_the_Space

How to ‘hold your space’ in the face of adversity

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We’ve had people ask us, “How do you stay confident in the face of other people’s criticisms and judgements?”  Confronted with an onslaught of negative opinion or being around negatively focused people can easily impact your feelings of self-worth. You can end up doubting your own judgement and wondering if you really are… (what everyone says you are). How do you find your way in a world which is inclined this way? You need buffers. Buffer zones protect your worth [...]

Lacking confidence some days? 3 quick tips to gain more…

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Maybe you’ve experienced some of these feelings: a lack of confidence in your ability, feeling that you have to keep people happy and the frustration, oh the frustration that no matter how much you do, it doesn’t feel like enough? These feelings are in plague proportions for a good majority, so take comfort in knowing you’re not the only one. Here are three things I’ve learned that may help you gain a foothold on confidence and self-worth. 1. Be willing to [...]

  • woman cooking by computer

Mummy, why are we living for the future?

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Out of the mouth of babes… After yet another busy day, mum rushed from work to pick up the two children, 3 and 6, from childcare. Once home they flew into the house with hungry bellies waiting to be fed. For 10 minutes kids were frantically doing their chores, food was flying around the kitchen so fast even Jamie Oliver would be impressed and with an exhausted yell, “Dinner’s ready”  everyone sits down to eat. Mum heaves a sigh of [...]

  • Sitting in road

A very good reason to sit in the middle of the road

May 20th, 2015|Categories: Blog, Isolation, Low mood, Overwhelm|

Sitting in the middle of the road, when it comes to how you think, can prevent low mood and isolation. Feelings of sadness, hopelessness and overwhelm can sneak in if we allow ourselves to think or speak in ‘all or none’ terms. Some people call this ‘black and white’ thinking. It sounds something like this. “I never get anything right!”, “Wednesdays are always a drag.”, “I’m always so stressed!” or “The kids never listen to me!” Thinking like this doesn’t [...]

  • Dog with headphones

The solution may be in your ears…

April 29th, 2015|Categories: Blog, Communication & conflict, Overwhelm|

I often get asked, “How do I quiet the noise in my head? I feel like I struggle to concentrate and my memory is poor.” One of the symptoms of the stress epidemic seems to be less memory retention and concentration. Here is a simple exercise that you can start today that within a few weeks can make a real difference. Strategy - Listening Practice Ready: Set aside 5 to 20 minutes to start but this can be increased to [...]

  • money jars

Is this one word causing your overwhelm?

April 8th, 2015|Categories: Blog, Overwhelm|

Do you catch yourself saying, “I should do this..” or “I should do that...”? Or maybe it’s more like, “I should do this and this and this and that....”? Wow. How heavy does that feel? It’s hard to be motivated when it feels like someone is pointing a finger at you and telling you all the things you ‘should’ be doing. ‘Should’ doesn’t acknowledge what you are doing or have already done so there is rarely a sense of achievement [...]

  • Baby trainer

My Baby is my Personal Trainer

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Regular exercise is good for you. It boosts mood, increases circulation, provides protection again chronic disease, improves immune function, helps maintain a healthy weight, promotes better sleep and increases energy. And there’s more. Exercise is fun! It opens up opportunities to spend time with friends, be part of a team and set personal goals. A pill that promised all these benefits would surely be a best seller! Despite all this, exercise doesn’t always come easily. So many objections get in [...]

Can’t sleep? Thoughts keeping you up?

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You're not alone if you're struggling at night. Black cloud nights in tens of thousands of beds every night. Here is a quick tip video and a tip sheet to help. It's not just about an emergency guide though. Do you have any strategies that might help? Please add them in a comment to our Facebook page so that we can make a strategy list for people who really need a hand. Click here to download the tip sheet (pdf) [...]

See how easily you can eliminate your ‘To Do’ list

December 1st, 2014|Categories: Blog, Exhaustion, Overwhelm|

There seems to be a particular ‘madness’ that goes along with all the activities at the end of the year, school graduations, children on holidays, end of year work functions, the extra tasks associated with Christmas and holidays - shopping, preparing, cooking, visiting. To top it off the grass starts to grow and needs frequent mowing! At this time of the year, perhaps more than ever, the ‘To do’ list can seem insurmountable. It can feel like a mountain with [...]

Will You Help to Lift the Burden?

November 25th, 2014|Categories: Blog, Low mood, Overwhelm|

A surprising statistic. One or two mothers out of every 10 have depression after childbirth. By definition this means they experience persistent sadness, low energy and difficulty getting through the day. Their capacity to manage the challenges of daily living is reduced and the whole family is affected. Often these symptoms go unrecognised. The World Health Organisation is urging us, as a community, to open our eyes and deal with what is too often, a hidden problem. The ‘I’m fine’ [...]

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Want more happiness? Don’t buy more stuff…

November 24th, 2014|Categories: Blog, Overwhelm|

In the lead up to Christmas and the stress that often comes with this time of year, I thought it important to talk about spending resources (i.e. time, focus, money and behaviours that we model) wisely. My ears perked up when I read an article in Time Magazine last weekend about where we spend our money and what achieves the greatest long term outcomes. It seems that doing brings more happiness than owning according to research conducted by Tom Gilovich [...]