J: It is a valuable way to reconnect with and understand yourself. By understanding yourself better your relationships benefit. This course provides useful, practical, clear strategies that you can apply to enhance happiness in your life. Thank you – it has been wonderful and very worthwhile. I am very grateful for this course.

Mary-Anne: Truly insightful! From the first session I had strategies I not only understood but had the courage to utilise. By the second session I was making great progress, with a simple change in terminology my boys were actually hearing me again.

Sharlee: It’s important to take time out for you, to be self aware. i think it’s important to take a step back to really understand ourselves, relationships etc. Thank you. I’ve enjoyed your caring and supportive nature, some valuable take home moments than can empower me every day.

Alison: It is a great workshop for equipping women with strategies for dealing with their life situations. It gives them a voice and empowers them. It provides tools for effective communication and gives them a better sense of self worth.

Tania: Invaluable! Something for everyone. Life strategies for life. Thank you Roxy and Laurie – really valuable lessons.

Tenelle: Every woman, old or young can benefit and learn practical life skills from the Bare Hands Project. An easy to understand course, which delves into challenges of a modern day woman and how to overcome them.

Sharee: Bare Hands is a fantastic program of workshops, helping women find themselves, balance and feeling worthy. Thank you, you have changed my life. I really do hope to hear more of Bare Hands everywhere in the future. Every lady should have the right and opportunity to attend these workshops. Thank you from both myself and my family.

Meika: This is a wonderful workshop about dealing and coping with everyday life stresses and different strategies of dealing with them. I really learnt so much and I look forward to practicing it every day.

Heather: Well worth the experience. Even learning one relevant life strategy can be all worth it. Improving one thing can have a flow on effect.

Jodie: Inspiring presentations with practical tools for juggling everyday challenges. Very engaging and warm discussions that make you feel that you can choose how your life will play out.

Di’anne: Roxy is amazing, the Bare hands experience is like nothing I have experienced. It’s practical advice that works, a course designed for women by women. I loved it and have embraced all concepts and will implement them into my life. It’s the first time I will take the education and use it! I didn’t want it to end.