Due to having a pyjama party on our last night, we don’t have any pictures to share, for the ladies didn’t really want to be on our website in their slippers. But here is what they wanted you to know …

Chantelle: You learn so many useful tools that can easily be applied. it’s a great group and open atmosphere. I loved learning how it’s possible to change your belief to match your values. I also liked learning about my inner critical voice and understanding guilt/fear.

Annie (see her story above ‘leaping for joy’): This is a workshop to assist you to understand situations, thought processes, communication techniques, which can be applied in real life to make a positive change.

Malissa: A powerful insight to self development, of the realism into your world and how simple strategies can help you plan better communications, help people to understand your messages and feel more connected.

Nicole: Some great life tools and nuggets of information to make you look at life from a different perspective.

Carolyn: Everyone will get something from the workshops, no matter what stage of life or what issues you face. I learnt a lot and felt privileged to be given the opportunity to share the learning experience with others.

Nicola: It is inspiring and makes you believe in yourself. Positive change is possible.

Sue: Wonderful learning experience for any woman, whether she thinks she has issues or not. Everybody will gain valuable knowledge about themselves.

Sandra: I found that everything I have learned over the sessions really made sense. I enjoyed the strategies learnt and really look forward to implementing it in my everyday life.

Bree: I believe that the workshops give you realistic values and tips to help with experiences that all women face at sometime throughout their lives. I am glad I made the journey to change so early in my life.

Albany Creek ladies