We have developed the Bare Hands project in answer to the need we see as practitioners. On a daily basis individuals come into our clinics struggling to cope with the demands of modern living. In many cases they are suffering because they lack essential strategies for managing emotions and are unable to communicate effectively. Overwhelmed and unable to model good coping strategies this leads to a domino effect on their family and other significant relationships.

It’s revolutionary!

The Bare Hands Project was born out of the belief that if every individual has access to quality support and education that this will transform their future, the future of their families and the future of communities. We believe that individuals at home, at work and in the community have amazing influence!

This is just the beginning of our vision.

  • We believe in relationships built on mutual respect and trust.
  • We believe in families that grow together.
  • We believe that when we’re willing to be vulnerable and committed to honest communication, it makes a difference.
  • We believe that change is possible and that it is never too late to enjoy better relationships.
  • Most importantly, we believe that your experience until now has brought you to where you are, but your vision for the future determines where you are going.

Bare Hands is raising a revolution of individuals who dare to believe in a better future for themselves and their families, who care enough to be the change they want to see and who are willing to share themselves authentically to make a difference. Will you join us? Find out about our programmes