handprintHere’s what others are saying about The Bare Hands Project… We look forward to adding your story here!

“I have just come back from your presentation. In case you don’t remember me, I was the one in the back row crying as you were telling us about your beautiful mum. I wanted to thank you for sharing your story. It was as if you were telling my exact story – even the photograph of your mum looked like my mum. Having only just lost my mum nearly 3 years ago, my journey as a mum to a 2 year old and a 3 year old has been an interesting (and difficult!) one to say the least. For the first time in my life, listening to you speak about your mum and your journey through motherhood, I didn’t feel scared and alone. There is someone else out there who knows what it feels like too, in a way, be a ‘motherless’ mother. I could feel myself exhaling in a way I have never exhaled before.

I believe I was meant to attend your session this evening for a reason – maybe the universe knew that my path needed to somehow cross yours. You have filled me with hope that things can be different. Thank you again for your honesty and truth this evening – I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to have met you.”


“How privileged I feel to be one of the participants in your first series of workshops and to be witness to your Project planting seeds of understanding, wisdom and fellowship in all the beautiful women who were present and for those yet to come.

I feel your Project is the best personal development workshop I have ever attended and there have been quite a few! I also believe, with time, it is destined to touch the hearts of women throughout the world who are looking for a deeper, grass roots connection to themselves, to the people they love and to the environment that they live in.

The open forum presentations were beautifully choreographed – inviting attendees participation and interaction, which helped bind us together as a group of Bare Hearted women. The content and delivery of the sessions was excellent!!! The strategies were intelligent, realistic and very, very empowering.

I do not wish to embark on my personal story here, but I do want to emphasise the fact that the Bare Hands Project was made available to me at a time when I most needed it. I was seeking help and looking for answers – thank you for providing both.

With the knowledge that I take from the workshops, I feel better equipped to address my personal and daily challenges and I believe that if I adopt, embrace and apply all that I have learnt from the Bare Hands Project, that my life will be forever changed in a most positive way.

I now have a workable formulae for a happier, healthier life and an antidote that can be applied to any unwanted thoughts, feelings, or negative emotions that may arise within myself or my relationship with others… it’s up to me! It all made such sense and was so engaging, that I personally did not want the sessions to end.

Your project is Altruistic and Unique and the flow on effect will impact on generations yet to come, priceless!!!

In togetherness, forever grateful.”

Lorraine Bannister

“Calmer, more positive attitude. I feel the strategies offered through the Bare Hands Project are ones that can be utilised to excellent effect by almost anybody.”


“I’ve gained self awareness and knowledge. Brilliant skills to resolve issues, anything that arises. The workshops were practical, real, soul-supporting and life saving.”


“I gained conversation, time to think about things, connection, perspective and clarity. The workshops were really effective.”


“I gained understanding of relationships, communication skills and keeping it ‘real’. This (Bare Hands Project) is a partnership between women who want the best out of life for themselves and the people they love. I enjoyed every session.”


“I learned I’m not alone in issues I have amongst a group of like-minded women. That I don’t have to feel guilty saying ‘No’.”


“I gained a sisterhood – feeling of community, belonging to a group of like-minded women. Empathy, compassion, non-judgemental attitudes. It was a wonderful experience – thank you!”


“It gives you practical strategies for your ongoing journey.”


“Trust Bare Hands to help you. It’s a very worthwhile experience and I highly recommend you give it a try. It can be life changing, but at the very least you will come away feeling uplifted and more positive.”


The Bare Hands Community Speaks Up:

I have deeply appreciated reading the blog articles over the years and always take time out of a busy schedule and a full email inbox to take them in. With any luck some of them have stuck! Thank you. Kathryn.

I use the fact finding sticky strategy most and then ‘I choose ‘ when doing tasks around the house. The blog posts are motivating and reassuring and keep me focused on being curious when things come up. I know other people are feeling the same. Thanks! Nicola

I always feel encouraged or challenged by the blog and Facebook posts. I enjoy your down to earth approach, and feel what you share is very relevant.  I sincerely believe you both have a lot to offer and have a great way of sharing what you have learned and lived. What you share is important and helpful. Carla.

I love your emails and look forward to them. They are great reminders of the things we already know but need reminding of occasionally. I can completely relate to the stories & it’s so great to read them. If I’m feeling a bit down they have be known to make me feel better. You seem to know exactly what I need from email to email. I’ve never read people’s blogs but yours are a part of my week. I love all of them, thank you. Keep up spreading the love. Shelly

I often think back on the practical strategies that I learned at the workshops. The key lessons I have learned relate to the ‘naughty words’ of guilt that I often use in self-talk. Catching myself thinking these words reminds me that I have choice and I am kinder to everyone when I act out of love rather than obligation. Thank you for the lessons you continue to teach – your work is invaluable in our community. With love and thanks, Chantelle

I particularly loved the Sticky Strategies (cards and videos). I found them extremely practical and easy to put into practice. The videos were especially good! Roxy you are an amazing actress and you made even heavy “stuff” easy to overcome. I also like the Resilient Family articles. I find them informative and the advice given was easy to put into practice. For me it seemed that the articles were aimed right at me because they usually addressed an issue that was relevant for me at that very moment. I think you are both terrific and doing a great service to the many women and families that need the exact type of service that you are providing. Adele

Resilient Families articles are GOOD! Sandra

I absolutely love the Bare Hands blogs. I keep them to read as I travel on the train into work. A lot of the time it is stuff I know already but they’re a nice little reminder and I really appreciate that it brings it to the front of my mind. I often share these blog posts with people from work when I think they might be helpful. Thanks again, absolutely love the work you do. Karen

I attended and valued your workshop and Sticky Strategies. It allowed me to give myself “me” time to re-evaluate what was important in my life. I certainly enjoy reading the emails you send through regularly. I get a lot of emails that I don’t bother reading, but I always read all your blogs which are full of encouraging words of wisdom and life lessons.

I find it refreshing to be reminded I am not the only one that struggles with certain challenges in life, and how you can look for the positive in any situation.

I love your candid comments and transparency of feelings and emotions in certain situations. I love women being real with women. Thank you for your passion and for encouraging women and being that person that regularly brings a smile to my face through your life experiences and pearls of wisdom. Heather

The Bare Hands workshops I attended helped me immensely. I now trust myself more and am confident in my decisions. Whenever I get stuck, I think back to the workshop or refer to the Sticky Strategies which are a good reminder of the different situations in our lives and how we can deal with them with confidence. The emails have helped me with family and work relationships, which has been fantastic. Having a plan/strategy in place and learning to trust yourself is an amazing feeling. Not every day is fabulous, but I’ve learned that this is ok too. Many thanks, Tania

The short, bit-sized articles ALWAYS put things into perspective. Thank you and keep up the great work! Helen

We have very good feedback from our families regarding the Resilient Families articles. When I forget to pass on the weekly article, I am often reminded by an email that they haven’t seen the latest one! Susan, Director of Early Years Learning Centre

Your articles are always good. The one this week is exceptional, probably because it’s just what I need right now. Thanks again, John (yes, men need a hand too!)

Terri says, “It was so comforting to be in a room with women of all ages experiencing similar feelings and emotions. Thank you for taking the time to create a supportive space.”

Elizabeth says, “The practical approach and strategies and the ability to simplify understanding of clinical knowledge was really helpful. I’m leaving with a sense of connection, the realisation that so many women share similar experiences and the knowledge that I’m not alone. It’s like a sisterhood in motion!”

Teri says, “Learning about the four thinking functions was my take home gem from today. It’s good to know there is help and practical support out there.”

Annette’s Story

anetteWho am I? In a nutshell, I have:

  • lost my mum to cancer when I was 8 years old
  • been the recipient of different abusive behaviours from others since I was an early teenager,
  • abused myself through nicotine and alcohol on and off over 20 years,
  • been in many dysfunctional relationships (though managed to have a decent child to a decent man),
  • had extremely successful but stressful career positions, including being elevated to the top levels of the administration field in a major corporate company in Brisbane,
  • suffered from anxiety and panic attacks to the point where I couldn’t leave the house.

Various other events have occurred in my life including some severe health crises and to add icing on the cake, my house was completely inundated by the January 2011, Brisbane Flood. I lost everything except my laptop, my daughter’s favourite toy and the clothes on our back.

I was a person who had been in survival mode since I was 8 years old. I was so involved in the drama of life that I could not see what life was about. I could not see who I was and what I was doing to myself and others. I could not even see others.

Now, I am starting to see. I am comfortable with who I am and where I am. I am not over-striving or pushing for unrealistic goals, I am enjoying the steps forward. I am learning patience (I was one of the most impatient people I knew). I am learning to listen to my body, which tells me when I am trying to please others out of a sense of obligation or to obtain approval. I am learning to say “No”, irrespective of what others might think. I am learning to say, “This is what I need …” and I am learning all of this steadily and slowly.

I am learning that I am 45 years old and do not have to have the body of an 18 year old, that it is okay for me to have a slightly rounded belly, thighs, bottom and face, and that in fact I look better than I ever have.

I am learning to be thankful, appreciative and grateful for all that I do have rather than focus on what I do not have.

I am learning that my mother and father did the best they could and I can truly see them as people now in their own right, with their own fears, anxieties, loves and passion.

With help, I’ve been able to resolve my emotional baggage, got off medication and developed confidence in myself and my own ability to make lifestyle choices. I’ve been able to come back to myself, to discover who I am and understand that what I want counts.

In the last four years, I’ve changed careers to follow my passion, met a beautiful man and created a new life with him and my daughter, found a way to relate to my young girl who is slowly becoming a woman too and developed the courage to be myself. Right now, I’m nursing my dad through his journey with cancer and I’m allowing myself the breathing space to be with him and to be the daughter I always wanted to be. I’m taking time to smell the roses and to find contentment in the little things of every day life.

All the techniques I’ve learned have helped to lift the veil of illusion I had placed around myself and enable me to see more clearly, understand my filters, my patterns and life in all its glory. I have gained – myself.

With gratitude and warmth,