Roxanie Hibbins (nee Lebsanft)

Co-Founder Roxanie Lebsanft, G.Dip.Counselling & Psychotherapy, B.HSc (Complementary Medicine)

Working in private practice for over 14 years as a health care practitioner, I have developed a deep affinity for women and mothers and the special demands that go with both of these roles. Over the years I’ve seen an increase in anxiety levels, stress and relationship tensions. It’s because of this, that my passion has been to seek out what makes a positive difference. My motivations are not all altruistic, as being a mum and a working woman, I have also needed these strategies for myself! With experience, time and intense research, I feel like I’ve started to get a good handle on what works and sharing these ideas with women in the clinic has consistently made significant improvements. I’ve also had the privilege of teaching groups of budding practitioners many of the skills incorporated in our education programmes and have seen the personal development they’ve experienced in a few short months. It’s time to spread what are simple, yet effective pieces of knowledge en-masse! I’m passionate about contributing to a change that empowers value based, sustainable relationships and brings back a sense of community and connection! It’s my belief that through quality relationships we can find true contentment.


Laurie Morrison

Co-founder Laurie Morrison, B.HSc (Complementary Medicine), Strategic Psychotherapy

In my clinical practice I have discovered that what I love most is helping individuals explore new perspectives and strategies that have a significant impact on how they experience daily living. It’s wonderful when you realise it doesn’t need to be so overwhelming! My husband and I are parents to four beautiful young people and we have been very fortunate to enjoy a dynamic, fulfilling family life. Like every family, we have experienced many challenges along the way, often  the catalyst for seeking a better way to manage or asking for the help we’ve needed. In the early years of motherhood, I wondered why so few women ever talked about feeling inadequate and why people said they were ‘fine’, even when they weren’t. If only Bare Hands had been around then! I realised that asking for help and making changes took more courage than pretending that everything was ‘fine’ and the result has always been so worth it. This empathy fuels my desire to see more families enjoying wonderfully dynamic relationships so we can raise a generation of children, youth and adults that manage life more easily. I believe that practical education in life strategies plays a vital role and we invite you to embrace the Bare Hands project with us!


I am the key administrative person of our team. I have spent my working career in administration and greatly enjoy the opportunity to be involved in the dynamic growth of the Bare Hands Project. I’m also a mum of two beautiful children and love being an Aussie, since moving out from England in 2003. Having co-authored a novel which addresses some of the key issues women face currently, I’m very passionate about my role in the Bare Hands Project and making a difference in women’s lives and their families. I’m excited about where our purpose is taking us and thrilled to be on the team!