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What is BEST for our children?

Laurie was recently published in the Australian Childcare Alliance magazine, The Early Edition. The article “What is BEST for our children?” shares some ideas for helping children thrive.

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Expert Interviews on Radio 96five (FM96.5)

Practical Life Strategies featured on Brisbane radio

Reactions and emotions, what can you do with them?


Overcoming life’s bumps goes better with these 3 things…


Grit and determination is not a guaranteed success formula, you also need this…


Mindfulness is easier than you think…here’s a quick grab, 5 minutes could get you started.


Clarity of mind can be easier to find with expressive writing. Find out how with this 4 day strategy, to clear your head and stop over-thinking things.


With this 4 step method on your side you will be surprised at how quickly an angry outburst can be calmed. Listening and remaining neutral can make all the difference.


Did you know that simply being able to comfortably say “I don’t know” is a strategy for life? The ability to tolerate uncertainty can help reduce feelings of anxiety and save us from sweating the small stuff.


It’s easier to feel confident when have an intrinsic centre of control and work from the inside out. It’s also a great way to uphold your own values in a world that is increasingly influenced by public opinion via social media.


Everyone wants success so it’s helpful to ask, “What is success for me and my family and HOW can I give them the best chance?” Optimism is one of the keys and can be fostered with just one word.


Family gatherings like Easter can be stressful but the antidote is to plan some play time. Schedule some belly laughs and keep it lighthearted for a memorable time together.


Good self esteem is a by-product of being able to do things for ourselves. It’s really helpful to focus on the strengths of others, help them see how they can help themselves and then let them do it!


It’s so easy to get taken up with the day-to-day stuff of life that we forget to tell the people we value how much they mean to us. If you’re feeling taken for granted, here’s a strategy for you!


If you have days when you find yourself over-reacting and wishing you hadn’t, here is a strategy that will save the day. Hint: It’s about getting curious instead of feeling guilty!


Surprising Facts about Stress, Cleo, November 2015

Roxy was recently interviewed by Meg Mason for Cleo magazine. The article, “Surprising Facts About Stress” featured Roxy’s comments on the importance of identifying the source of stress.

Interview with Health Professionals Radio

Roxy was interviewed by Wayne Buckler from Health Professionals Radio on April 24, 2015.

» Read a transcript of the Health Professionals interview here

Radio interview on Moreton Bay Radio FM101.5

Roxy & Laurie of Bare Hands were interviewed on the morning magazine program.
» Listen to the Morning Program interview

Anthill Smart 100

Anthill Smart 100

Bare Hands’ Sticky Strategies Programme was a finalist in the Anthill Magazine 2015 ‘Smart 100’.
» Read the press release

More press coverage

905, 2014

Hot off the press! Bare Hands makes headlines…

Hot off the press! Bare Hands makes headlines...!